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Monday, January 19, 2009

Your chance to chat to an insider

Another series of live chats with local experts is starting soon on the excellent NineMSN Travel site. (I wrote about the first series here.) As their Dubai Insider (along with Terry), I chatted with NineMSN readers back in September (read the transcripts here) and it was tonnes of fun: travellers asked everything from my must-do tips to my restaurant recommendations. The site has expanded its team of Insiders considerably to include a long list of international and Australian destination experts, so check out the full list here, because you may not want to know anything about Dubai, but there are loads of other places you can get advice on. My chat is scheduled for 12 February, from noon to 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can read our Dubai Insider guide here and get more information about the live chats with Insiders here, where you can also connect before the chat.

The image is of the chic postmodern Middle Eastern interior of Almaz by Momo at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. And those gorgeous lamp covers (along with a range of stylish bits and pieces) are for sale from the little 'boutique' in the corner of the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

very nice article...:)
the photo looks very cool... I like night lights on restaurants.

Anonymous said...

It's always helpful to have insider or local information for travelers.

Speaking of inside info: Is there any buzz about the inauguration of Obama in Dubai, Lara?

Lara Dunston said...

Hey iloilo onfoot - thanks for that! Much appreciated.

Hi there Gennaro - thanks! I'm not back in Dubai yet, still on the road in Australia, so I can't tell you that. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in the actual inauguration here in Oz - people are too busy enjoying the summer and the Tour Down Under here in Adelaide. I think everyone is just relieved Obama is in and now they want to get on with their lives here.

Anonymous said...

These chats sound really interesting - I'll have to coordinate my schedule so I can listen/ask questions in one. The transcript of your Dubai chat was very educational - for instance, I had assumed women were treated with disrespect, but it was fascinating to learn that was not the case.

All in all, Dubai now sounds like a potential destination, when it wasn't even on my radar before.