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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Travel by Twitter... but first, an intro to Twitter, or, what Twitter means to you

If you're not yet using Twitter and don't fully understand what it is yet - let alone how it might begin to change the way we travel - have a read of the Twitchhiker's post "What is Twitter? (Clue: It's not Facebook) where he asked his readers to describe what Twitter is and what it means to them, in 140 characters or less of course. These are just some of the insightful responses, but visit Twitchhiker to read more:
@littlecharva: SMS is whispering privately to a mate in a pub. Twitter is speaking loud enough for everyone to hear and including them in the conversation.
A community of thoughts, news and emotions mixed together to create an addictive service for one and all.
Pretentious, I know, but to me Twitter is like watching the Tower of Babel being rebuilt, pebble by pebble.
Twitter is people watching extreme!
Twitter is like legalised stalking! making friends with strangers, sharing lives, connecting.
My favourite waste of time. Random thought collector. Superficial social contact provider. Work avoider
Twitter introduces and connects me with new, interesting, like minded people all over the world I wouldn’t normally get to meet so quickly.
Twitter is a means of giving everyone a voice. Listen hard and the opinions of millions will touch you, make you laugh or cry.
Twitter not only lets you peek through ppl’s curtains like a nosy neighbour but also allows a curtain-gap for ppl to see you.
Twitter breaks down all cultural and class boundaries and allows people to share their viewpoint on everyday life
Twitter is a globally continuous thread of conversation that keeps you current, expands your world and engages you in it.
Twitter to me is a group of new friends, comic conversations I cannot have due to lack of like minded friends, a fun distraction.
Twitter is like loads of different birds which do great things when together, such as carrying whales.
And this one, which I love, from Paul himself:
@twitchhiker: Twitter is a room full of strangers. Talk just to your friends and you’ll leave the party early. Mingle, and you’ll learn, share and grow.
So what does Twitter mean to you and how do you think it will change the way we travel?

The image? A little bar in Venice that's pretty much locals only, apart from the odd tourist or three who are using a very good guidebook, have friends in Venice, or are perhaps getting their tips from tweeps.


Anonymous said...

Simply Twitter is just the best place to meet people who love to travel, or reading about travel.

I've met people/companies on Twitter that I would never have come into contact with.

Great at answering questions; you ask and your follows twit back their responses.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Um, WHY are there A LOT OF PEOPLE out side my FAVORITE SECRET PLACE in Venice?? This has caused me serious heartache and trauma.

Oh, and Twitter. Twitter is like the perfect cocktail party in that you never have to worry about getting stuck in a corner talking to one person all night; you always have the guts to talk to people who interest you, no matter how much you idolize them; and you can come and go as you please.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Darren - couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for dropping by!

Hey MissExpatria - don't worry, I haven't given away the address or anything. Shhh... But I have to admit I was kind of surprised myself. Great reasons! I might have to post a part 2 if this keeps up. Thanks for calling in!

Anonymous said...

I've created a Twitter account and I use it some. After reading this post, my opinion has changed. Thanks!

Michael Esposito said...

I started a Twitter account based on this post, and am astonished at how fast it grew on me.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Tammie - yeah, I found these comments inspirational, really, and I think there are so many more possibilities that are untapped.

Hi Michael - careful there! Like anything, - Twitter should be used in moderation :) - after all, nothing beats one-on-one social interaction with a real life human being, does it?