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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Got any questions about Dubai?

Join me for a live chat about Dubai and the UAE on Wednesday 10 September 5-6pm Sydney time when you can ask me anything you want about Dubai, the UAE, travelling and living there. You might have seen our Dubai Insiders Guide on the NineMSN Travel site? Well, as part of the launch of the Insiders Guides the nice people at NineMSN Travel have made it possible for the insiders to chat to travellers about their home cities. Using Windows Live Messenger you can have a live chat and ask anything you want about the destination, from tips on places only locals know about, to what it's like to live in those cities. Take a look at the other Insiders Guides and transcripts of chats so far with the local travel writers based in London, New York, Beijing, and Vietnam (woops, sorry, I forget to tell you about those) and log on for a chat with Tom Walter about Queenstown next Monday 8th September 11am Sydney time, and join Terry and I for a chat on Wednesday. Looking forward to talking to you. Live Chat Instructions HERE. It's easy. You just have to add us as one of your MSN Messenger contacts. Our Messenger ID is Then next Wednesday 8th September between 5-6pm Sydney time (Australian Eastern Standard time), send us an instant message with one or two of your Dubai or UAE questions.


AngelaCorrias said...

Lovely! I'll be there! I'm a bit confused... Is 5-6pm in Sydney is 8-9 am in London?

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Angela - it's 9 hours difference between here and London at the moment, and London is behind, so right now it's 9.40am Wednesday here and it's 0.40am Wednesday there.

Kim Wildman said...

Hey Lara, that's cool. I'd noticed you were now also writing for Ninemsn. I'm about to be their insider for the Northern NSW Coast here in Oz. Good luck with the live chat!

Lara Dunston said...

Hey there Kim - thanks! yeah, we've been doing the occasional story for them, for about a year now I guess.

That's so cool you're going to be there North Coast gal! We're going to be there ourselves in a few months, I'll have to get some tips.

Kim Wildman said...

I love the North Coast - it's the only place that I've felt at home, since moving back to Oz from Cape Town almost three years ago now. Let me know, when you guys are coming up. It would be nice to finally meet up if you have the time.

Lara Dunston said...

Definitely! We'll let you know once I have confirmed our itinerary. It keeps changing every day!