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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Want to get cosy?

Do you want to trade links? If you're a travel blogger, leave your URL in a comment at the end of this post, but, unless you just want to say hello and talk travel (then I'd love to hear from you) but please don't email me your URL to link to as it may get lost. I've had a lot of links trickling in recently but unfortunately when I'm on deadline (as I am now) I have to ignore emails that aren't coming from editors (and sadly I also have to ignore my little blog a bit), so emails sometimes slip through the cracks. If you leave your URL here then I've got them all in one place and I'll check this from time to time and I'll upload them in one hit. I have no hard and fast rules. If you've got a travel blog that you write yourself, the content is original, it's good quality stuff, and I like it, then I'll link to you. If it's a commercial travel site, then that's different, you'd better email me. Because I'm a professional travel writer, my credibility is everything, so I don't automatically link to commercial sites. I need to use the site first, try your product and like it before I link to it or write about it. There are very good reasons you don't see me linking to Expedia or Asia Rooms for instance.


Anonymous said...

Expedia and Asia Rooms, I'm fascinated... are they awful, do you not trust the reviews, do you hate the idea of the reviews? I haven't ever used Asia Rooms, but Expedia I have used... I don't hate them, but don't usually use them cos they aren't the cheapest, but I do sometimes go there to find out if a room is noisy if its an airport hotel. It's how I use it largely. I'm definitely NOT a travel writer, but I do follow a lot of it, and I use a variety of websites to book my travel, and recently I've been really angry about TripAdvisor because their advertised room rates is always wrong... not sometimes, always. And I really disapprove. So what makes Expedia not so link-worthy? Not that it's good, I'm just wondering.


Derrick Pereira said...

Hi Lara, just started up my new travel blog. I'm based in Dubai, love traveling and have a backlog of trips (Sarawak, Capaddocia, Istanbul, Egypt, Jordan, just to name a few...) that I'll be posting up in the weeks to come.


Lara Dunston said...

I used to use Expedia and Asia Rooms a lot to book hotels and flights but I had a few bookings that went horribly wrong. I'll give companies a couple of chances, but if they screw up more than that and they handle it badly, I blacklist them.

ASIA ROOMS: hotels I booked through Asia Rooms tried to use my credit credit months later when I was in another country and Asia Rooms refused to deal with it, yet they only had the credit card number because I'd provided it to Aisa Rooms. Another time I booked a hotel, only to be told by Asia Rooms the night before I was due to go to the hotel that there were no rooms available. They wanted me to cancel the booking online - and therefore pay a fee - when I refused because they were the ones who had messed up (the rooms showed as being available when I booked them and I had confirmation), they still processed it as a cancellation and charged it to my credit card and refused to deal with it.

EXPEDIA: on several occasions, despite having confirmation of bookings I got to hotels and the hotels didn't even know about the bookings. On one occasion not a single person at the hotel, including the owner-manager even knew they were signed up with Expedia! Try cancelling with Expedia - although you book online they require you to phone them to cancel, so the call to the US can end up costing the same amount as the hotel room did! I once booked two seats on a flight only to have Expedia confirm one day and the following day advise there were no seats and then require me to call the US to 'cancel' it to get my money back. I refused that time (after it having cost me a fortune on an earlier occasion) and forced them to deal with it via email. What an absolute nightmare! They refused to call me and it dragged on for days. Only after emailing Media Relations and telling them was a writer did they sort it out. If bookings go right, they're great. If they don't, watch out.

Anonymous said...


So, I`m brazilian and right now I`m in Kenya! Because I write to people in Brazil, I usually use Portuguese as the language! Hope thats not a problem...but if it is, I could make an effort and translate some of my last posts!


David Atkinson said...

Fellow LP scribe and freelance journo.
New blog and video blog:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara
Only started blogging a month ago so it's early days for Tripalong (yes, I still need to set up my own blogroll with links to you and the like). On a different note have we met before in former LP pastures? Perhaps, I'm not sure ..

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Hi Lara,
Just wanted to drop a note to say that I'm back from Israel! And I'm in love...with the country.
-Jen Laceda at Folie a Deux

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara
I co-author a blog for international car hire providers Auto Europe, see:
I'm not sure if this falls into corporate or blog - perhaps a little of both? Anyway we'd be thrilled if you'd link to us and our (hopefully) interesting and independent posts about travel and motoring.

Fly Girl said...

Hi Lara,
I've moved my blog to a new URL, Farsighted Fly Girl is now at:

Unknown said...

Hi Lara,

Thanks for taking a look at my site: Have Pack, Will Travel -

I'll be updating my links asap and I'll be sure to add yours as well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara

Love to have a link from you, hope you enjoy my blog as I enjoy yours

jcreaturetravel said...

Hi Lara, I have a new travel blog. I'm always seeking out what I term "hidden treasures" around the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lara,

Your blog is already in my links. I'd love it if you'd check out my solo travel blog for consideration in your own links:


MyTravelGuidePosts said...

Hi Lara,

I have being on your blog and like the work that you do. I am myself a travel writer but I haven't being to as many places yet.

I was wondering if you were interested in a link exchange with my travel blog. My blog is content-rich and travel related.

Here are my details:


Description: Comprehensive travel posts contributed by a whole range of posters and travel writers. Featuring travel ideas, suggestions and much more.

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darngooddigs said...

Hi Lara,

Since you asked, sure... we'd like to get cosy. Your blog is a real treat to linger on, and we think your readers would find our site useful and fun. We can add a link to you on our blog or our main site, or both. Just let us know. Happy travels,

Allison and Michael
Darn Good Digs

Lara Dunston said...

I've finally found time to update my blogroll and have added some of your fabulous travel blogs. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I have a little travel blog that you might like: Usually it's narrative, but lately I've been doing some more practical posts...

I also write for, Rolf Potts' blog, which is always worth a read (though perhaps that qualifies as professional).

Also, I couldn't help noticing that your books section lacks any W.G. Sebald... Austerlitz is a great, meditative travel/history/culture/etc book; well worth checking out when you have the time.

Akshay said...


I was going through your blog and found it very informative and useful especially about the part on itineraries.

Well for all of you travelers and writers I strongly recommend a visit to Andaman Islands. Its something that will redefine the way you "travel write".

I look forward to meet all of you soon at the Andaman Islands.

FYI We also have the only swimming elephant in the world!

Best Regards


Lara Dunston said...

Hi Ashkay


I've never been to the Andamans actually, but I'll check out your blog.

Swimming elephants, hey? I thought all elephants loved to swim - or do they just like baths?


Unknown said...

Hi Lara,

I basically have a travel search engine site called Travelgrove, and was therefore wondering if you could test and possibly recommend us for some of the services we provide. Just try some searches for air and hotel in particular. You can also test our community, which I think is slowly getting pretty good. Also, if you want to see our upcoming re-design, please check this link any comments would be appreciated.


bethany said...

Hello, I would love to be added. I should be traveling full time in a couple of months - just quit my job this week! I would love to add you to my blog as well, you have great info!

- Thanks! Beth

Dave and Deb said...

Hi Lara,
This site has so much info it is great.
Would love to be added to your blogroll. We are Canada's Adventure Couple and travel all around the world experiencing exciting adventures.
Check us out at

We will add you as well.


Dave and Deb

urbanc said...

Love your website would be excellent if you could add my travel blog to your blogroll

cheers Ross

Dan said...

Hi Lara

I've recently started round the world travel blog which will follow my adventures through Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America and North America. I've added a link to your site on my travel links page and would appreciate it if you could add a link to my site too.

Keep up the good work.


Erica Louise said...

Hi Lara

Great blog site, I have just found it and glad I did

Rather than booking your hotels through Asia Rooms or Expedia, you might want to consider One Off Places.

One Off Places is a website offering unique holiday villas and houses for rent around the world.

Keep up the great blogs!


Unknown said...

You have a very interesting blog. You want to make a link exchange?


jessiev said...

thanks, lara!
we're a travel site for global educators (as you know!)

LOVE your site.

MJ Chan said...

Hi Lara!

I love your blog and I'd love to exchange links with you. Here is my relatively new travel blog. Mostly about my travels in Asia (Philippines and Japan) as of now.

More power to you!

Joseth Pauline said...

wow! i am amazed with your blog! keep up the good work!
anyway here's my travel blog

Laura said...

Hello Lara,

here is the link to my blog It is about traveling tips, world events agenda, reviews, holidays, destinations all around the world and travel news. The official name is Smart Traveling Guide. If you like it and want, please add it to your blog. Then send me the information you want to add about yourself to my blog,too.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Laura S.

m. said...

Hi Lara,

Thanks for directing me to your links page. Please add my link to your page when you get the chance. Details:

anchor text: italian lakes italy

Let me know how you would like your link added. Please email me at mike[dot]adada[at]gmail[dot]com.



Emily @ Maiden Voyage said...

Hi there,
I would love it if you added a link to my travel blog! The URL is

Guide Place said...


So you are travelling to make your post,
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Jeff said...

Hello! I'd love it if we could exchange links! My site is linked to my name. Thanks and I hope all is great!

NYerinNZ said...

Looking forward to scouring hours of stories and advice from a trained professional, and would love a link for an aspiring enthusiast:

NYer in NZ

jessica said...

hi, Lara,

this is our website As we can see, we are fresh starters and we will be very happy to work with you. Keep in touch,

Airport Travel News said...

Hello Lara I would like you to place a link to my website which provides airport parking at all Uk airports and has been doing so since 1989, in return I will add a link here Please feel free to use the site and tell me what you think


AngelaCorrias said...

Hi Lara,

I would love if you could add my blog to your blogroll.


Nellie said...

hey Lara, I'm a fellow travel writer who blog over at I'd love to exchange links, hear from you soon!

Jecka said...


Great blog!

Our blog:
Two girls traveling in South America.

Melissa said...

Hi Lara,

I am based in Saigon, Vietnam, and I've just started up my new travel blog.



Tushar said...

I would like to have link exchange,Plz do comment on my blog here, Travel Destinations Around The World

Abi said...

Hi Lara,

I'd love to exchange links. My site is Inside the Travel Lab - welcome, have a look around and see what you think,


Travelfusion said...

Hi Lara!

I'd love to trade links - would you be interested?

You can find me here -

Kathryn @Travelfusion

James Clark said...

Hi Lara,

I'd love to exchange links with your blog. I have added your link at:


Travel Droppings said...

Hi Lara,
I just found your blog and would love to link to it. Here is my website.
Travel Droppings: A slightly sarcastic take on travel abroad. Its a resource for people interested in work and travel opportunities abroad as well as photo essays from my travels.

As well if you had any feedback I would very much appreciate a professionals opinion.


ContemporaryNomad said...


we would love to do a link exchange with you.

We are a German/American couple traveling mostly through Asia since 2007. In ContemporaryNomad, we blog about our life on the road.

Maybe we'll cross paths with you and Terry sometime.


Duncan said...

Hi Lara

Enjoyed dipping into your blog recently, and I see you’re a bit of a film buff – Chungking Express is indeed one of the best directed movies I’ve ever seen! Another which wins a lot of points for visual flair would be L’Appartement for me. Check it out if you haven’t seen it!'Appartement

Anyhow just wanted to drop you a line to see if you’d be up for a simple link exchange. I have a space for recommended websites on the front page of I am being quite parsimonious with who I link to, but I think the scope and branding of Cool Travel Guide is exactly what I’d like to recommend so hopefully UTB is something you'd be happy to mention in return... all the best for now,


Unknown said...


Just start my new blog...
have a look


tamarind said...

check out my blog at
would like to do a link exchange if possible.

Laura said...

Hi! I just found your blog and would love to do a link exchange. I'm based in Mexico City and write mostly about Mexico, Central and South America. Cheers!

JoAnna said...

I would love to do a link exchange with you. Kaleidoscopic Wandering can be found at

I will add you to my Resources page now.

Natalie said...

I'm inspired by your travels.

I would love to exchange links with you.

Talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,

My site is First-time Travels, I'll put your link in my blog roll.

Keep traveling!


Unknown said...

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Mark said...

Hi Lara

It would be great if you could link to my travel video blog

I have set up a links page so I can also link to your site



James Swallow said...

Hi, I love your post!
I have linked to this site, and regardless of what you decide, I will continue to do so, because your site is useful and inspiring.
I am also now following you on twitter. Please add my links when you get some time. Thank you in advance!