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Saturday, January 17, 2009

1001 Travel Writer Tips: here is Tip # 1002 from a travel writer

If you're an aspiring travel writer looking for advice on how to improve your writing, develop angles, pitch stories, and essentially how to make it in this insanely competitive world of freelance travel writing, then check out travel writer David Whitley's 1001 Travel Writer Tips blog. A couple of days ago I posted on what makes a travel blog cool for me, well, David's blog fits my criteria: David's a widely published writer and all of his tips come from experience, so there's lots of insight there that's rooted in reality; and it's very much his reality, the way he sees travel writing and how he's made a success of it as a career. There's tonnes of insider knowledge and practical advice from the best time to email a pitch to an editor to websites that pay for travel writing (many don't pay unfortunately or pay abysmally), and this is a very readable blog, written in an engaging matter-of-fact style (with lots of headers and lists). But what I like most is that David's suggestions make sense and I know they work - they are things that have worked for him, and have worked for me too. There are a lot of writing websites out there that are very general, giving vague advice as to what you should do to become successful. David's blog is just the opposite, with very few specific examples of what's worked for him and why it works. If you're serious about succeeding in this field then subscribe. That's tip 1002 from me.

Pictured? That's the Old Telegraph Station in Alice Springs; these things are dotted around Australia and this one was integral in connecting Darwin and Alice Springs to the rest of Australia when it was established, and in doing so connecting Australia with the world. The grounds are gorgeous and green, and there's a grassy area on the Todd River banks beyond that wooden fence which is a tranquil spot to while away an afternoon.


David said...

Thanks Lara - the fiver's in the post!

Lara Dunston said...

Hey! I thought I was getting ten! :)

Anonymous said...


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Lara Dunston said...

Hi Milie

Thanks for your message! Much appreciated. I'll email you. What is the name/link to your blog/website?