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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goodbye Dubai

We spent our last night in the UAE in Dubai - stuck in a traffic jam, checking into our fully booked hotel, shopping for last minute necessities at busy Dubai Mall - packed with shoppers laden with shopping bags as late as midnight - and strolling the waterfront overlooking the new Burj Dubai, where tables at the outdoor restaurants and cafes were crammed with families, despite the 45 degree heat. It was the same old Dubai - not the 'ghost town' I'd be reading about in the media while we were in Australia. Ironically, summer has historically been the time of year when Dubai is usually a ghost town, when locals and expats who can leave the country for a couple of months evacuate for cooler climates for their summer vacation.

Pictured: the enormous aquarium at Dubai Mall.


jessiev said...

i'd love the aquarium at the mall! lovely!! i bet you're tired of traveling?

Freight Bob said...

I taught English in Dubai for 2 years and I absolutely love the city.
It is a shame the Formula 1 is moving to Abu Dhabi - although I also love that city.

Bob Freight