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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Planning a luxury escape

So you're planning a luxury getaway, and this isn't something you do everyday, so where do you start? First, decide on your destination. Are you staying somewhere locally, heading inter- state, sticking to the region, or going to some far-flung destination? Perhaps your budget will determine that. Do some research or simply dream - this trip is about pampering yourself after all. Next, select a hotel. If you’re a fan of travel guides, go for the books that are heavier on top-end and boutique hotels, such as DK, Style City, Luxe, and Wallpaper. Of the hotel booking sites, I find i-escape by far the best for special boutique sleeps - it's the only site to truly tell it like it is. But if you’re after five star ‘brands’ go directly to the hotel's own site as most offer lower rates for online bookings. Once you've chosen a hotel (or have a short-list) then you want to figure out how you can make the most out of the experience and spoil yourself silly. Let's get down to it then! Next posts: tips to luxury trip planning.

Pictured? The Swarovski crystal drawer knobs at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates Dubai, and no, they don't unscrew.

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