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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why I will never use Expedia again: part two

And the saga continues... Expedia's silliest email came six days ago when they actually suggested I get a friend in the US to collect the paper tickets and post them to me! Oh hang on, yesterday's email suggesting I file a "Lost Ticket Application" must take the cake. Especially considering I don't have any tickets to lose. You see, Expedia has taken both a service fee and the cost of the tickets from my credit card - and today they even went as far as to send me confirmation of travel - yet I don't even have ticket numbers. Essentially, Expedia has stolen from me. They've taken money from me for no service in return, nor are they attempting to even providing anything resembling service, unless you consider the 19 meaningless cut and pasted emails from the likes of 'Venus', 'Atlas' and 'Doris'. Despite my repeated requests for a manager to intervene to resolve the situation, there doesn't seem to be anybody in a position of power to direct these moronic robots who churn out these senseless emails, let alone anyone even capable of writing an email explaining why they need to speak to me and what can be done by an expensive phone call that can't be done by free email. The most annoying thing is that my husband and I are due to travel in a few days to start researching a new travel guide book - on tickets we don't have. If they can't resolve this issue by email, I know what I'll be writing instead...

We saw the sign pictured on a walk through the Arkamas Peninsula, Cyprus. A typical Cypriot hunter flouting local laws? Or had he been dealing with Expedia?


Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

i hate booking anything with expedia, especially hotels. if you change your mind but already made the booking, expedia automatically charges $30 cancellation fee. whereas gives you a (big) window for cancellations with no charge.

Lara Dunston said...

Well, I didn't hate them until now. Probably because they'd never messed up before and nor had I ever had to cancel, so I didn't realise there was a charge. I agree that Venere is great, but I've just always found Expedia a bit cheaper. No matter, I won't be using them again.