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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Postcards: does anyone still send them?

As we drive around Cyprus I notice stands of postcards outside souvenir shops everywhere. The spinning racks are stacked full of kitsch cards, of archaeological sites, old men playing backgammon at cafes, and old ladies dressed in black riding donkeys, in the Greek-speaking south, and in the Turkish-speaking north, of archaeological sites, whirling dervishes, and everyday scenes that are more Turkish than Cypriot. In these days of email, online trip journals and travel blogs, does anyone send postcards anymore I wonder. I used to be a postcard writer, when I travelled for pleasure rather than work. There's nothing I enjoyed more than buying a bunch of cards and whiling away a couple of hours at an al fresco cafe on a lively plaza somewhere writing to my family and friends. It was as much a way for me to stay in touch and let my loved ones know that I was thinking about them as it was a chance for me to distill my experiences and observations and instill them in my own mind. Does anyone still send postcards?


Wendy said...

It depends on how hectic the trip is. I try to send to a few people but don't as much as I'd like.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, definitely. I love sending postcards and I'm sure people still like to get them - particularly older generations who are not necessarily online.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I rarely send postcards. I do buy them though. Often as a remembrance of where I was. The pictures are often better and/or from the sky so you get a better view. It is also a great way of ensuring that you spell the name right. i keep them and put them in my photo albums, at least I did before I went digital. HmMm, there is an idea, digital postcards that you buy on site.


TravelMuse said...

I have a friend who sends us a postcard every time he travels. It's fun to receive them, like playing "Where's Waldo". We never know when they will arrive or what part of the world they will come from.