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Monday, February 11, 2008

Dubai: a first-timer's guide

If you're heading to Dubai for the first time, take a look at my comprehensive first-timer's guide to Dubai, just published on nineMSN travel:
Dazzling Dubai... endless sunshine, superb eating, great shopping, and a glam nightlife — what's not to love? And yet Dubai is a polarising place. As the world's fastest growing city expands at a frenetic speed — and with its growth comes gridlocked traffic, pollution and inflation — Dubai has become one of those love it or hate it destinations. While its critics argue the place has no culture or soul, Dubai's rich heritage and Emirati traditions are the very things its fans adore about this exotic Arabian city. First-time visitors should make experiencing Dubai's fascinating local culture and history a priority, followed, of course, by some of that fine food, fantastic shopping, and fabulous nightlife...


Anonymous said...

Hi there - I've just looked on your blog for the first time since Christmas and have been enjoying catching up. You might enjoy my recent post on the recent internet problems in Dubai - also the one about Thai cooking in Chiang Mai. I'll make sure I look in on you more regularly in future.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Heather - glad you're enjoying the blog! I'll definitely check your blogs out on cooking in Chiang Mai - and your Dubai internet problems. I'll also try to make sure to blog more frequently! Thanks for reading!

cheap holiday in dubai said...


Great achivment dear, good going keep it up.


kristy said...

i always find something new and useful collection of information around here in this blog.

Roch said...

great memories are coming back from my trip back in April of 09 when we went to Al ain, Dubai and stopped in Doha on the way back.