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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snapshots from Mallorca: silly inflatables

As we travelled around Mallorca over the last (gulp) six weeks (a long time to spend on the one island), we spent a lot of time visiting Mallorca's beaches - although sadly not spreading our towels out on them. Rather, Terry was photographing them, and I was checking them out for an update of a guidebook - so every visit was a hit and run. I admit that I may well be out of touch when it comes to inflatable beach toys, but I was astonished to see the variety of blow-up beds, lounges, tubes and toys, some especially whacky, like this double tube being carried by these guys in the picture. I wondered if floating about on this thing together was something they found to be lots of fun (they looked a bit too old to me), or whether a silly inflatable was simply a cool beach accessory. Nothing quite says 'summer holiday' like carrying one of these under your arm as you traipse along the sand.


jessiev said...

now you teased us with the description and then only gave us ONE PHOTO!! :) that one cracked me up, though.reminds me of indoor waterparks in the US...those double ones. hope you can get SOME beach time. i mean, beach time to relax!

- Susan - said...

Hi Lara,

I am excited to hold your writing in print in my hands!!!

And I started nagging ;-) ... sorry, but check my blog...

Compliments to your guide to Calabria!
I can't stop reading !!!

Hope you do not mind my hints?! Looking forward to your comments, when you have time.

Travel Muse said...

That is pretty ridiculous on a couple of grown men. I half expect them to also have a floating cooler. I agree with Jessiev, more photos please!