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Friday, March 13, 2009

Disappointment on the road: When places don’t live up to your expectations

"Expectation is a dangerous thing. The higher the expect- ations, the greater the chance they’ll be dashed," writes Eric over at, "But when it does happen, know this: it happens to many travellers." To prove his point, Eric rounded up 19 travel bloggers (including myself) and asked them to share their thoughts on 'Disappointment: when places don't live up to your expectations' and to reflect on their experiences of trips and places that haven't met their expectations. Drop by and see what they have to say.

But I'm keen to hear from you about your travel disappointments, and why you think they came about. Do you think you might have been less disappointed had your expectations been lower? Or were there are other reasons for things not ending up as you'd hoped? And do you have any ideas or suggestions as to how people can prevent or avoid disappointment on the road? If you do, and you don't mind, I'd love to publish your best tips not just in the comments section, but in a separate post on this blog on 'How to avoid disappointment on the road: cool tips from travelers'. Let me know what you think.

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