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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've Travelled. Now What?

I'm not a fan of Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree community, but I'll tell you why another day. Today, I stumbled across the LP website and noticed something that I simply wanted to share with you, the Lonely Planet Community 'Thread of the Day'. Posted by 'geekgal', which makes me wonder if it isn't one of Lonely Planet's own '"web kids" (their name, not mine), it's titled: "I've travelled. Now What?" and then ponders: "Travel can be a rush, but what happens when the magic dies? When you're too exhausted, or occupied with other things in life?"
Some of the responses are:
"Then you stay home :-)"
"Then you start earning money to travel again."

"Travel again (repeat until death)."

"If someone does know what comes next... Please let me know!"

"You look at yourself and what you've learned on your travels and try to integrate these into your life so you become more of an aware person." "No such thing as 'I've travelled'. We are always travelling, if not physically, then mentally."
"Go again. I've only been back for 2 months, and I've already booked to go travelling for another 3 months next summer."

"Go where your spirit guides you."

"You'll go again, trust me."

So, what would your answer be?


Jessie Cacciola said...

take a break. you'll miss it soon enough. i think we can easily become over-inspired -- not really seeing anymore. and then, you're numb to it.

p.s. I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed my interview with Michael Hughes. I've often considered travel writing as a career path, so I know I'll enjoy your blog. (I'm adding it to my list).

Anonymous said...

Take a moment to sit back and savor your memories from the trip. Then, of course, start planning your next one. Half the fun of travel is the anticipation.

Lara Dunston said...

Travel Muse and Jessie - I totally agree with both sentiments.

Jessie - nice to have you drop by. I did enjoy the interview with Michael. I'm going to do a post on Souvenirs as soon as I get the chance and I'll link back to your interview.

Michael Esposito said...

For me, the rhythm of travel is: travel, go back home and savor it, share my experiences with others, get my life back in order at home, keep communicating with people I've met in my travels, travel again. Lately I've also added: welcome visitors to my city (Philadelphia).

Because I'm married to a Colombian, travel at least to Colombia is a permanent fixture in my life. Aside from that, any place where there's home grown music (and that's everywhere) is a good place to travel to.

Jessie V said...

stay home for a bit, do homey things (bake bread, catch up on the magazines and mail piled up, sit and decompress). soon you'll be back at it!