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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life of a Travel Writer: when the travel writer's plans come together...

The weather is still perfect in Milan - it's another balmy summer's evening. Terry's out shooting, and I'm still holed up in the apartment writing (and, um... blogging in my coffee break). Something the Renegade Writer thinks would be impossible for her to do - she said my post about the nightmare my dream job had turned into set her straight about travel writing and she'll no longer be fantasizing about all-expenses-paid travel writing trips. But there's good news in my In Box today that could make her change her mind... one of Milan's best chefs agreed to do an interview and shoot for the book, we're also shooting at La Scala next week and taking a look backstage as well as interviewing the head of scenic direction. Planning for other shoots in museums and shops are starting to come together. And some rather exciting news this afternoon: we had an offer to do another book today, for a publisher we've never worked with before, which is always nice. And it's in one of our favorite cities, which is even better. The problem is our schedule, which is fairly full (an understatement), so unless they can shift the deadline, it's not looking possible. But the news I think I'm getting more and more excited about the more I think about it... we've been invited to La Traviata at Teatro alla Scala next Friday night!! What will I wear???


Wendy said...

Glad to hear the sun came out. Sounds like you have a good excuse to go shopping in Milan (if you can find the time).

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Wendy - I found a great excuse but I haven't found time yet. Tomorrow hopefully.