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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Traffic hazards in Crete

Like Thailand - with its stray ox sauntering along the road, its dreadful drivers, its food vendors, and moveable feasts - Crete has its fair share of traffic hazards too. We have revised our list of world's worst drivers, adding the Cretans (and Cypriots) to the top of the list, however, after human beings, the most hazardous things on Crete's road are its animals, namely its goats, sheep, donkeys, and dogs. We have been confronted with a herd of goats or sheep heading our way on a local highway on more than one occasion, with their shepherd strolling not far behind. Our strategy? Simply stop and enjoy the passing show. How often, I ask myself, do we get a chance to get this close to nature?


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I would LOVE to go to Crete one day... my Grandfather defended Crete during WW2 against the Germans and Italians... so, I had always wanted to visit parts that he mentions in his war diary... my computer crashed and I thought I lost your site... glad I found it again... take care

Lara Dunston said...

Then you would adore Crete and find a visit there a very moving experience. There is a fascinating exhibition (although it's badly in need of a decent curator to organize it) on the Battle of Crete at the Naval Museum in Chania. Visiting the war memorial just outside of Rethymno is also very moving. And of course wherever you travel around Crete there is evidence of and memorials to the Cretan's resistance during the war, and the allies support of them.

I would love to read that diary!

I'm glad you're still with me!