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Friday, April 18, 2008

Travel writing and travel blogging: how and why we do it

I've recently been interviewed by a couple of bloggers about travel writing, how Terry and I got into it, what we do, why we like it, the joys, the challenges, etc. My first interview was with Liz at Write to Travel, a blog which looks at all aspects of the craft and profession of travel writing, along with the development of her own travel writing career. As I've mentioned before, Liz does an enlightening weekly interview series with writers, the most recent of which is with Angela K Nickerson, an art teacher, tour guide, and now travel writer, and author of 'Journey into Michelangelo's Rome', which sounds wonderful. I'm going to try and get hold of it for our trip to Rome in a couple of weeks. Check out Angela's blog Just Go! If you're interested in travel writing, as everybody seems to be lately (although not for the reasons we'd like), check out the recent post at Perceptive Travel investigating why travel writer's blog and you'll get a bit more of an insight into why they write. There's been so much controversy recently surrounding ethics in travel as a result of the Thomas Kohnstamm Affair, however, Julie Shwietert shares some of the secrets of the trade in the Top 5 Secrets Travel Writers Won't Tell You at the Travellers Notebook, including how those much-discussed discounts can help you. Anne at Instant Native has just posted an interview she did with me as well. Anne provides online concierge services, organizing trips and itineraries for people ('fun menus' as she calls them), and on her blog she provides travel tips, advice on what travel accessories to buy, suggestions for places to go, and stuff to see and do. I've always promoted the idea of becoming an 'instant native', of taking a long slow holiday in a place and living like a local, which I've blogged about before - it's the way Terry and I like to travel when we have time. I'm going to come back to that in future posts and tell you a bit about our time in Turkey, where we're working now.


Fly Brother said...

lara...thanks for your recent comment on my election day post. it's strange to me how people in colombia keep congratulating me for obama's win, and i tell them that they should congratulate themselves too, since he's a step in the right direction for the entire planet.

as i'm sure you've heard before, you're an inspiration and i appreciate your serious practical insight and guidance into the craft of freelance travel writing.

on another note, i'm eagerly awaiting the release of baz luhrmann's "australia" here in colombia, since that's as close to down under as i'll be getting for a while.

Lara Dunston said...

Hello there FlyBrother... no worries (as they say down under)! It's amazing isn't it? I was reading one of the indigenous papers here in Australia and they see the Obama victory as a victory for them too, that there could be an Aboriginal PM one day. And I'd like to see that day come too.

I just did a story on the outback for Lifestyle+Travel magazine, for those people who decide to heard down under having been inspired by 'Australia' - so I'd like to see the movie myself too!

Dave said...

Amazing insights & thoughts, Lara!

I'm not a full-time travel writer, though I share my love for travel & "heartful" travel experiences in a little travelogue.

Your credentials & expansive background are impressive, so much so that I'm inspired to subscribe to your blog via email. :-)

To learn how I can inspire this travelling heart of mine further, and how to better share the travelling experience with my readers.

Thanks and well done!

Dave :-)