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Friday, April 25, 2008

cool travel tips: an explanation

When interviewed for Instant Native recently I was asked for a travel tip and I admit my first impulse was to draw on the usual suggestions travel writers make like 'travel light', 'select your seats ahead of departure' and 'email the hotel with an ETA to ensure the champagne's on ice' (that last one's is mine). They're things I forget to do, am too busy to do, or simply can't do (I'm sorry, but it's impossible to travel 'light' with an array of technology, four seasons of clothes, and carry bags of research materials, the result of being permanently on the road with no 'home' other than a storage unit in Dubai). This time, I decided to give the topic some serious thought and in the process realized my travel tips were a little different to those I read elsewhere, a consequence of constant travel perhaps. Anne from Instant Native suggested I write a book called 'tips from the constant traveller', and although I appreciated her suggestion and I love the title, I'm not yet sure the world needs another one of those. You're probably thinking do we really need another travel blog offering travel tips? I'll let you decide. See my next post for the first of a series of cool travel tips.

1 comment:

TravelMuse said...

Lara - There is so much unusual knowledge that you've acquired and could share. True not everyone might use it, but it would be interesting to hear your advice and the stories that inspire it. Thanks again for the great interview!