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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moving Stories

Moving Stories is a wonderful community web project that uses oral histories and photography to document the lives of residents in a caravan park in an outer suburb of Brisbane, Australia. The project works to break down the stereotypes and stigma attached to caravan park life through raising awareness, while creating a sense of belonging and community spirit among caravan park dwellers. The site allows you to take a walk through the park with a couple of the residents, get some tips on living in caravan parks, and learn about the lives of the residents. Moving Stories seems to be part of a wider project aimed at developing a sense of community within parks and enriching the lives of residents for whom living in caravan parks isn't a lifestyle choice. For some of the residents, for the poor, the unemployed, and those escaping domestic violence, living in parks is the only option. Check it out. Also take a look at Brisbane stories, a site that features a number of similar community projects that make use of the everyday lives and stories of the city’s residents, from indigenous people to refugees and asylum-seekers. Fantastic stuff!

1 comment:

Sean McLachlan said...

Interesting. I've noticed a persistent prejudice across many cultures throughout history against people who are mobile. It seems that ever since we settled down into villages and later cities we've mistrusted those who are more mobile. Even as an apartment-owning city dweller, I get a lot of flak about how much I travel. "Why don't you settle down?" "Isn't it bad for your relationship?" That sort of thing.

Maybe it's jealousy, or maybe it's just the common fear of anything different.