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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Snapshots from Mallorca: surprising signs

I love shooting signs on our travels. They reveal so much about a place, its culture, norms, codes of conduct and acceptable behaviour - all of which can often be in conflict, or at least very stark contrast to those of tourists visiting the place. Many churches (and mosques) throughout the world require modest dress codes of visitors. In Italy, the signs outside churches prohibit you from entering in shorts, short skirts and revealing tops. In Mallorca, the typical tourist's street 'attire' warrants this sign. If you saw people walking around the street, you'd completely understand. At Palma airport, minutes after a young male British traveller arrived and collected his luggage from the baggage carousel, he was already pulling off his t-shirt.


jessiev said...

lara - that is a HOOT!! one might also use that sign for a nudist beach, eh?! ;) thanks for sharing!

Travel Muse said...

That is a hilarious sign. I too thought it was for a nude beach, as in no bathing suits allowed. Funny!

Lara Dunston said...

Oh yes, you're right - that's hilarious! I should have thought about that - ur very funny!

Anonymous said...

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