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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Postcard from Mallorca: savouring sunsets

Can you ever get enough sunsets? I can't. And it seems people in Mallorca can't either. We spent a couple of nights at Port de Soller (from where we could see the sun setting over the sea from our terrace at the Hotel Esplendido), and observed the nightly sunset-watching ritual. Locals and tourists alike take up their positions at cafe tables and benches along the promenade, or perch on the rocks on the seafront with the fishermen to take in the scene in silence. The moment the sun sinks beneath the horizon there's applause all around. We also enjoyed a wonderful sunset from our balcony at Ca's Xorc with a glass of cava in hand. As the sun sank over the mountains, creating silhouettes of the palm trees and olive groves, the whole sky turned pink, before the big ball of fire disappeared into the sea. Sigh.


jessiev said...

gorgeous!! i LOVE Sunsets.

Rob said...

Sunsets are fantastic, particuartly in a warm climate, sitting outside. Have to say though you can't beat SUNRISE though. To be up with the birds. Don't do it often enough but it's always worth it.

Travel Muse said...

These are the moments that make us all jealous of your globe trotting lifestyle. Gorgeous!

Erica said...

"The moment the sun sinks beneath the horizon there's applause all around." This made me chuckle. I've admired quite a lot of sunsets, but never have I heard any applause. Would rather enjoy them in silence.

Tina L. Hook said...

I don't even know what Cava is but all of that sounds just divine.