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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Ultimate Dubai Shopping Guide

When we arrived in the UAE over 10 years ago, the guy from my company who picked us up from the airport chatted all the way into town, giving us a detailed intro to the country while extolling the virtues of living in Dubai compared to Abu Dhabi – where we’d just moved! “… and Dubai has a shopping festival!” he proclaimed proudly. In those days, Abu Dhabi didn’t even have a mall so we’d have to drive to Dubai to do real shopping, like buy an espresso machine for the apartment. A shopping festival was something else! If a little weird… what kind of country had a festival dedicated to shopping, we wondered. Abu Dhabi now boasts several swanky shopping centres, but Dubai, with its scores of malls and souqs is still the King of Shopping, and according to my husband Terry, I’m the Queen of Shopping, which is why I’ve written the Ultimate Dubai Shopping Guide, or 10 Reasons to Shop Dubai for Viator. You can read the full story here.


TravelMuse said...

I grew up in the land of shopping malls, though ours were indoors because of the cold. The malls in Dubai look amazing, like small worlds created just to amuse and entertain their shoppers. It must be heaven near so many great stores. Do you have any particular guilty pleasures? Leather goods, shoes, perfume?

Lara Dunston said...

Well, I guess I grew up in the southern hemisphere's land of shopping malls, the 'burbs of Australia. But the malls there are nothing like those in Dubai - they aren't anywhere near as sumptuous. When I was an expat in Dubai with a 'normal' job my guilty pleasures were carpets and perfume - I had far too much of both. But it's impossible to buy anything now - my luggage is heavy enough as it is!