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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hotels going out of style? The globetrotters' jet-setting take on the topic

I asked you if hotels are going out of fashion and you all inundated me with insightful emails. I want to share some more of those perspectives. First up, a couple of frequent world travellers: Dubai fashion entrepreneur Shehab Hamad, emailing from London, writes “Given the choice between hotel and pad for visits longer then three days I tend to choose the latter (Rio, LA and Ibiza are three cities I opted-out of hotels recently). I still love hotels but it’s been a long while since a new hotel has truly broken new ground and blown me away – staying at Morgans or the Royalton in the early 90s were revelatory travel experiences! But not even Schrager has managed to come up with the next revolutionary wave of hotel concept although the Gramercy is lovely, refined and wonderfully scented... there will always be room for both but discerning travellers do have that constant desire to get closer to the local experience and there's nothing like being able to throw a dinner party for new friends in a new city!” Jetsetting academic consultant Denver Craig emails “Just back from Bangkok yesterday where I stay in a Thai owned boutique hotel called Triple Two Silom. Why there? Only 3 floors! (who needs a view?). They know me – they have my photo so when I book they remember me. They pick me up at the airport. They are cheaper than a chain. They know what I do for my work and know I visit colleges and unis - they find out where they are and guide me. No big branding or commercial stuff in the rooms, no ads, no up sell of products. They want me to come back so they're nice! And guess what? I like them too!” Book me in! But will they let us throw a dinner party, Denver?

Pictured? Our room at the Ron Arad designed Duomo hotel in Rimini. Super-stylish but not ideal for work or dinner parties.

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