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Friday, September 21, 2007

Travelling: inspirational travel blogs

For those of you inspired to travel by well-crafted words and alluring images, there are some truly inspirational travel blogs on the web worth checking out: The Lost Girls is a sassy blog by three New York gals who gave up their desirable jobs to see the world (read 20 Reasons We Took Off and you'll soon be writing a resignation letter! Unfortunately two of the girls recently stopped traveling but one is still on the road. And besides, there's still lots of great back-reading for you to do!); on Girl Solo in Arabia Carolyn McIntyre ruminates on the fascinating destinations she visits as she traces the footsteps of the great Arab traveller Ibn Battuta; part 'what's on' guide to Baltimore and part musings on travel and design, Prêt à Voyager will have you tossing a coin, heads=Baltimore or tails=the world; the fabulous Franki Durbin posts on style, design and travel on Life in a Venti Cup (her motto says it all: "Life is too short to think small. So live large. Live with style. Live with adventure. Live venti." Franki recently interviewed me on her blog.); Beijing Notebook collects the everyday observations of a German-born expat artist as she adjusts to life in the smoggy city (expect anything from a rundown on the all-knowing Beijing drivers to insider suggestions on how to spend your time); and the same blogger has a wonderful blog called Palazzo Pizzo about the charming Calabrian town of Pizzo where she and her Italian husband have bought a grand house they're renovating; you'll find everything from musings on Mediterranean ceramic titles to things to do in Pizzo - eating icecream and swordfish (not together) tops the list! Are there any great travel blogs out there that I've missed? And who can guess where I took this photo?


Prêt à Voyager said...

Thanks for the shout out Lara! I can't wait to check out these other travel blogs you discovered!

Anne @ Prêt à Voyager

Lara Dunston said...

No problem, Anne. And do let me know if you find any other inspirational travel blogs.

- Susan - said...

Dear Lara,

thank you for mentioning my two blogs! You did a great summary!
Thank you. And indeed, in Pizzo, the icecreme comes first!

The photo seems to be Tiananmen square with Mao's mausoleum in the backfround in Beijing on a level 3 day.

PS: I love your Thailand shots!

Suzie from Beijing

Alex said...

Hi Lara,

I got your comment on my blog about taking a gap year. You’re question is a tough one to answer. I’d agree with you about your thoughts on travel guides. I usually purchase the guide (lonely planet, lets go…) once I’ve decided where I’m going so that I can plan my trip better, ie- lodging/food recommendations. I will say that on my trip to Greece this summer, it was the Lonely Planet book that convinced my boyfriend and I to spend our final week on Andros island. And we LOVED it!
I find a lot of inspiration in friends. She’s always hopping a flight off to somewhere. My parents were big on travel when we were younger. We took yearly family vacations to places like the Grand Canyon and the Smoky Mountains. It’s funny though, my brother HATES to travel. I couldn’t convince him to join me on my trip to Greece! I’m also a travel channel junky. Being one of those globe-trekker hosts would be the best job anyone could ever have. Talking to people and hearing their own travel stories is really inspiring to me because I think, If they’ve done it, I can do it! That would be a cool book series…real travel stories by regular people…

As for your question, why not just get going on my gap year now…? Money. The answer is always money…

franki durbin said...

you're so fabulous for mentioning my blog! Thank you so much for the mention!

- Susan - said...

Hi posted your blog on mine.
Let's stay in contact.
Thanks for the mention again.

Rocky said...

While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!

Anonymous said...

mm.. funny thread.