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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Travel insights from travel experts

I am probably suffering from chronic information overload - how about you? - but increasingly I'm finding myself wanting to read more informed opinions from people with experience and expertise in a subject, no matter what the area, but especially travel. If I'm doing research or simply trying to stay abreast of trends, I don't have the time or inclination to sift through reviews and advice from people whose backgrounds and qualifications I know very little about. Which is why I very rarely visit Trip Advisor (see my post of yesterday for more on user-generated reviews) and which is why I was so happy when the smart people at Uptake, in partnership with BootsnAll Travel Network and Tips from the T-list, started Travel Insights 100 (and also asked me to join!). Travel Insights 100 consists of 100 opinion makers in travel, from tourism industry leaders to travel writers and bloggers. Essentially it's an online forum where you can find a diverse group of travel experts and a place for discussion about the issues and changes affecting travel around the globe. You'll find members' blog posts, RSS and Twitter feeds, as well as the results of surveys of the members that Uptake will undertake and release from time to time, the first of which was a survey - what else - on Twitter. Check out the actual results here and a summary here. And do let me know what you think.


JoAnna said...

I didn't know about Travel Insights 100, but I browsed around and it looks like a great site! Thanks for the tip!

Lara Dunston said...

Thanks JoAnna!

And thanks for dropping by!

mark j said...

i just know about travel insights 100 when i drop in your blog.. great info lara.thanks

Nomadic Matt said...

It is a good list of people (i am also on it) but I don't like how they auto feed your RSS.

it is just free content for them

Mark H said...

I was very keen on Travel Insights 100 (disclosure: I'm on it too) and they seem to have a good cross-section of travel folks. Along with Matt, I'm a little uncomfortable with the auto RSS element but the site seems to get a fair chunk of traffic and following.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Mark J

Thanks for your comment! Did you have time to check out Travel Insights?

Hi Matt

I think you have the option of not giving them the RSS feed... why don't you check with them?

Hello Mark H

Yeah, it would be interesting to know how they're doing. I must admit I thought there might have been another survey and the release of another research report by now... I might check in with them.

Hey there Ella

Have you actually looked at the Travel Insights site? I note your link to your own site here - curious about why you chose the 'travel tips' link, though? Doesn't really describe what you're doing...?