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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our latest writing in print and online: January 2009

We have a few articles coming out this month... the January issue of Lifestyle+Travel magazine features a story on our recent road trip through the Northern Territory, starting with our journey on The Ghan from Alice Springs to Darwin in October and covering our stays at boutique properties such as Bamurru Plains near Kakadu and Longitude 131 at Uluru. A guide to experiencing the outback in style aimed at people inspired to head 'down under' after seeing Australia the movie, the story covers the best of what the Territory has to offer. Business travel magazine Connect includes our 'Ultimate Guide to Australia', as part of their Global Traveller series, with a special feature on contemporary Australian cuisine, and a companion piece on doing business and corporate etiquette in Oz. If you're flying on United Airlines, take a look at their award-winning in-flight magazine Hemispheres, which features a piece I wrote on Dubai for their hugely popular '3 Perfect Days' series. It was the first time I'd written for Hemispheres and I was quite astonished that my brief required me to include a detailed list of shooting locations and PR contact details for the photographer they flew to Dubai.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to checking out those travel articles. It's amazing how movies are now influencing travel destinations. The whole Da Vinci code crowd running all over Paris, New Zealand had more foreigners than Kiwi's after Lord of the Rings, and now Australia the movie.


Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

I can't wait to read it. We don't really get this magazine in Canada (I'll have to really look for it now). So, I went to L+T's site and was glad to know the magazine offers an online subscription. But to me, there's just something so romantic about print -- the scent, the feel of glossy paper...
Can't wait to read your piece.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi Gennaro - that's partly what my PhD was about - the inexorable connections between film and travel (such as the ability of film to inspire travel) - because the first ever films were travel films. The camera-makers sent salesmen all over the world to both shoot footage and sell cameras - the exotic footage was intended to inspire people to buy the cameras, but instead got them hooked on films - and possibly travelling?

It will be interesting to see how successful Australia the movie is at inspiring people - particularly as it's dudded at the box office. Worse than the film panning though, is the amount of money Australian Tourism injected into a campaign to support the film... money that could have been better spent on the industry and its businesses... I'm going to post more on this in future.

Hi Jen - and L+T smells particularly nice too - they use a really lovely glossy paper and their fashion-travel spreads are gorgeous. Because it's distributed all over Asia and the Middle East, but comes out of Bangkok, it has a decidedly Eastern feel to it too, so it both transports you to Asia as well as the world.

Thanks for checking in again!