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Monday, July 7, 2008

Hotels or apartments: what you'll be choosing when you next travel

Last month I posted on hotels and apartments in Are hotels going out of fashion? My question came about from my experiences on the road these last couple of years and my observations on how people are travelling: what I'm seeing is that travellers are increasingly choosing apartment rentals over hotels, generally with a view to staying longer in one destination and experiencing the place like a local, or simply because they want some of the comfort, conveniences and space that apartments offer over hotels. The subsequent discussions that saw a number of big players in the boutique hotels and apartment rental business responding were fascinating, as were travellers comments. See these blogs. I posted a survey to ask you where you planned to stay when you next traveled and here are the results: 30% of you said you'll check in to a small boutique or design hotel while a close 25% said you'd rent an apartment or villa; another 19% of readers said they'll be staying in a B&B while 13% said they'd bunk down at a hostel or backpackers; 11% were in favour of agritourismo or a farm-stay, while an equal number said they were going to pitch a tent or head for a caravan park, and another 11% said they'd be checking in to a large hotel or resort. Just 8% of you said you'd be staying at a friend's house, 5% were opting for the homeliness of a pensione, while 2% were planning to a stay at a palazzo or locanda. But, despite the rise in couchsurfing, not a single one said they'd be sleeping on a stranger's sofa.

Pictured? The boutique beauty of Beit Al Mamlouka where we stayed in Damascus last April.


Anonymous said...

Lara - Your original post inspired me to try a rental myself. I've booked a gorgeous cabin in the woods for my Fall trip to the Desert Southwest. Will report back on how it compares to my normal hotel adventures.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi there - I am so glad you rented something. I can't wait to hear how you compare the experiences! Do keep me posted!