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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life of a Travel Writer

As you can guess from the title, Travel Blogs: Hand-Picked Tales from the Road is a site featuring the best travel blogs produced by travellers and travel writers. There are regular featured blogs that enjoy the spotlight for a week, along with the Life of a Travel Writer series where professional travel writers are interviewed, the latest being this author. I've been asked by readers of this blog to write more about travel writing and research and share tips from the road, and I'll try to do that where I can. Aspiring writers should also check out Write to Travel, which offers writing advice, lists blogs and resources, runs an Interview with a Travel Writer series, and features a Travel Blog of the Week. This week one of my favorites, Pret a Voyager, is showcased. (Cool Travel Guide was featured back in December.) World Hum is another good resource for aspiring travel writers: read the recent interview with guidebook author Robert Reid. Rolf Pott's has a long-running travel writer profile series on Vagabonding, along with a fascinating series of podcasts, video and radio interviews.Then there's Gadling, which in February featured the post My First Stint at Guidebook Writing dispelling some of the myths surrounding the life of a travel writer. While I agree that our working lives aren't always as glam as people perceive them to be, as Catherine Bodry points out we can spend all day working in our pyjamas if we so desire! We could also sip a glass of wine (or two) while we work (hey, I'm looking out at the Mediterranean as I write, can you blame me?) or simply decide not to work at all if we choose (with no leave forms to fill out!). But the real beauty of being a travel writer is we get to just pack up and go, when, where and however we fancy, because that's what we do. Here's a toast to all the travel writers out there! I don't know about you, but I have a thing or two to celebrate.


Prêt à Voyager said...

I was just reading your interview (great stuff as always!) when you posted the comment on my blog. Glad to hear you're getting a well deserved break! . . . Thanks again for the shout out! :)


Lara Dunston said...

Thanks, Anne! Much appreciated. I guess it's kind of a break - still writing a lot, but it's a break from moving around I guess. :)

Liz Lewis said...

Hi Lara,

I'm with your other readers - please write more about travel writing. It's a topic I never get sick of.

Thanks for the mention of my blog Write to Travel. I'm having great fun researching and writing it. The best part is the 'interviews' and the 'travel blog of the week' series.

Would love to interview you if you're interested. Was going to send you an email but couldn't find your email address. So if you are interested, stop by Write to Travel and drop me a line.


Lara Dunston said...

Hi Liz

Okay, okay... can I critique other travel writing too?

And I'd love to be interviewed for your blog - it would be an honour.