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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tackling the tediousness of travel

For those of you who don't like hanging around airports, who don't take some weird pleasure in the tediousness of travel, and who can't simply enjoy those moments of travel anticipation over a glass of bubbly in an airport lounge - we know who are you: you just want to get there - Daily Candy has some advice. Check out Bored Until Boarding for tips on how to occupy your time, from meditating and downloading podcasts to listen to in the taxi on the way to the airport, to tackling to-do lists and playing travel scrabble to escape terminal boredom. And what about: deleting messages on your cell phone (or even calling friends?); deleting emails in your in-box (or just sending a few?); writing a to-do list for when you arrive (mine always begins with: buy a local SIM card); doing some duty-free shopping (something for the hotel fridge?); reading about your destination if you're travelling for pleasure (or even for work); or simply talking to your travelling companion (or - crazy as it sounds - the person you're sitting next to!) Any other ideas?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm usually found desperately transferring podcasts to my iPod in case there is either crappy in-flight entertainment or I'm flying Emirates and I get a dud seat (thanks guys!). Also running around looking for a newsagents -- magazines are excellent for those tedious times waiting on the plane for late travellers or taxiing for half an hour waiting for the take-off slot! I can't concentrate on a good book until we've been fed and watered...

The other month we were in Emirates business lounge (thanks, gold level membership!) and a guy asked me if he could plug his iPod in to my MacBook Pro to recharge it before the flight. He looked panicked about not having a fully-charged iPod for a 12 hour flight...I'm the same!